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McCown: I understand Cutler is the starter

Josh McCown willing to step aside when Jay Cutler is healthy despite playing well as starter (ESPN) http://t.co/ZXFuTORDAJ
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NFL shifts Bears-Eagles to Sunday night slot

Bears-Eagles will be night game Sunday, Dec. 22 with both teams in playoff chase (ESPN) http://t.co/PuqzrgYgj6
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A Gay Comedian Steps Into The Mind Of A Homophobic Dad And Finds A Sad, Sad Truth

.@ToddGlass steps into the mind of a homophobic dad and finds a sad, sad truth #ThinkB4USpeak http://t.co/BSJDAMGF3C
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Texas GOP Re-writes Bible to Include Elephant at the Birth of Christ

You know what’s crazy? Texas.
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15-Year-Old Duchess Of McComb, AL Announces Pregnancy

Hilarious, y’all…
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Jesus Was A Liberal: 15 Quotes The ‘Christian’ Right Doesn’t Want You To See

Yeah, I’m confused as to how the GOP claimed Jesus as “one if them”, too…
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