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In honor of Mike Milbury’s stupidity tonight…

…here’s an old WYC? submission of mine:

“This piece de pooh pooh goes to Mike Milbury, the NHL’s reigning king of hypocrisy.

During this weekend’s nationally televised game, Milbury chastised Blackhawks star Patrick Kane for his Deadspin-reported off ice antics.  When asked by Liam McHugh what he would say to Kaner, he said

QUOTE: “Grow up.”

This from Mike Milbury who as an analyst called the Washington Capitals, the “Crapitals”.

Mike Milbury who at age 58 openly called the Russian style of play in the NHL “Eurotrash” and gave grief to an emotional Jeremy Roenick during the Stanley Cup Finals.

Mike Milbury who is possibly best known for climbing into the stands during a game and beating a fan with a shoe, which he did at age 27, a full four years OLDER than Patrick Kane.

Mike, you are barely liked even in your own family and are only the 2nd most annoying NHL broadcaster behind Pierre Maquire.

Before you begin teeing up today’s future stars, sit back, relax and strap it down and ask yourself “Who est vous crappin’?”

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The 2013-14 Philadelphia Flyers. http://t.co/fCLq4qjlw0
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My reaction to that discussion of “The Code”. http://t.co/aPV3v2K6jf
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Drunk Mom Breastfeeds and Kills Baby – ItsyBitsySteps

That’s a misleading title and explanation. It says she smothered the kid, but also had high levels of oxytocin in her system.

So she was so high and drunk, she didn’t realize she smothered the kid?


License to drive a car, own a dog, get married, etc. But any moron can have a kid.
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Cutler set to go through full-speed workout

Bears to put Jay Cutler through full-speed workout Wed. before making decision on starting QB vs. Browns (ESPN) http://t.co/EzkqDkoS9z
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Urlacher: Bears should stick with McCown

Brian Urlacher believes Bears should stick with Josh McCown as starting QB instead of healthy Jay Cutler (ESPN) http://t.co/gFys64AdBz
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Revealed: deaf signer at Mandela memorial was a fake whose gestures meant nothing

Revealed: deaf signer at Mandela memorial was a fake whose gestures meant nothing | Herald Scotland http://t.co/IeKimA4AZ6 via @hsnewsbreak
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