Daily Archives: December 31, 2013

“Cannonball” by Showtek & Justin Prime

My soundtrack: ♫ “Cannonball” by Showtek & Justin Prime (@ Gurnee, IL, USA) http://t.co/dlHjVmRquo
via Facebook http://t.co/dlHjVmRquo

“Animals” by Martin Garrix

My soundtrack: ♫ “Animals” by @MartinGarrix (@ Gurnee, IL, USA) http://t.co/8E29qDxKRO
via Facebook http://t.co/8E29qDxKRO

“Center of the Universe” by Axwell

My soundtrack: ♫ “Center of the Universe” by Axwell (@ Green Oaks, IL, USA) http://t.co/3luqeSjafT
via Facebook http://t.co/3luqeSjafT

“Pompeii” by Bastille

My soundtrack: ♫ “Pompeii” by @BASTILLEdan (@ Green Oaks, IL, USA) http://t.co/1KtMIHaZbF
via Facebook http://t.co/1KtMIHaZbF

“I Need Your Love (feat. Ellie Goulding)” by Calvin Harris

My soundtrack: ♫ “I Need Your Love (feat. Ellie Goulding)” by @CalvinHarris (@ Lake Forest, IL, USA) http://t.co/0MKrmevYes
via Facebook http://t.co/0MKrmevYes

“Easy (Extended Remix)” by Mat Zo & Porter Robinson

My soundtrack: ♫ “Easy (Extended Remix)” by Mat Zo & Porter Robinson (@ Illinois, USA) http://t.co/MeGUXLx60V [pic]
via Facebook http://t.co/MeGUXLx60V

“Siren [Radio Edit]” by Kat Krazy Feat. Elkka

My soundtrack: ♫ “Siren [Radio Edit]” by Kat Krazy Feat. Elkka (@ Illinois, USA) http://t.co/ncKZaiVbX9 [pic]
via Facebook http://t.co/ncKZaiVbX9

“Spectrum (feat. Matthew Koma)” by Zedd

My soundtrack: ♫ “Spectrum (feat. Matthew Koma)” by @Zedd (@ Glenview, IL, USA) http://t.co/NsBJN2sun7
via Facebook http://t.co/NsBJN2sun7

“No One Knows Who We Are (feat. Lights)” by Kaskade & Swanky Tunes

My soundtrack: ♫ “No One Knows Who We Are (feat. Lights)” by @kaskade (@ Illinois, USA) http://t.co/OlypKP8O6o
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“Things Can Only Get Better [Landis Remix]” by Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones

My soundtrack: ♫ “Things Can Only Get Better [Landis Remix]” by Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones http://t.co/43qfvuqS0P [pic]
via Facebook http://t.co/43qfvuqS0P