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Check out how michaelwasz stacks up as a gamer on Raptr!

Played NHL 14 (360) and Disney Infinity (360) in the last 24 hours. http://bit.ly/1eeSqFw
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This Is How Cards Against Humanity Was Meant To Be Played…Genius

Well, Jessica this would certainly make the Improv Group’s game a little more awkward…
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Movie with the fam!

has uploaded a photo to Flickr
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Movie with the fam!

Mike the Improvisor (@GovtFromage) posted a photo on Twitter

Movie with the fam! (@ AMC Lake In The Hills 12 – @amctheatres for Muppets Most Wanted) http://bit.ly/1j3Rxpn http://bit.ly/1j3RA4p
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Allen chooses Bears, agrees to 4-year deal

DE Jared Allen agrees to 4-year deal with Bears; registered 85.5 sacks over last 6 seasons with Vikings (ESPN) http://bit.ly/1rzWBpk
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Check out how michaelwasz stacks up as a gamer on Raptr!

Playing Disney Infinity. http://bit.ly/1pa7dKo
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Massive Corndog Spill Shuts Down Highway

“Corn dogs, Jackie. Corn dogs.”
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