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Mr. Cute Shirt (@GovtFromage) posted a photo on Twitter

Random words in cookies? Child, please… #aintnothinglikeme’ceptme http://bit.ly/1v1UWY5
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Mr. Cute Shirt (@GovtFromage) posted a photo on Twitter

I say .@DougBenson wins that fight!! http://bit.ly/1xvqHPW
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Mr. Cute Shirt (@GovtFromage) posted a photo on Twitter

Get Lit(erary) @lepetitmarche with Ela, Dawn and Phil http://bit.ly/16xkhof
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Land of the Free (Level 10)

I just earned the ‘Land of the Free (Level 10)’ badge on @untappd! http://bit.ly/1za8Cr9
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St. Benedict’s Winter Ale

Drinking a St. Benedict’s Winter Ale by @pointbrewery at @lepetitmarche — http://bit.ly/1za8zfa
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Cutler: ‘Crossed my mind’ Bears tenure over

Bears: Jay Cutler hopes to stay with team, but acknowledged “it definitely crossed my mind” that he’s done in Ch… http://bit.ly/1v5eUlC
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