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Mr. Happy Holidays (@GovtFromage) posted a photo on Twitter

My all time fave #mst3k ep in on #TurkeyDay2015 right now! #torcha #lobsters #BringBackMST3K http://bit.ly/1HqKFS5
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Michael Wasz on Instagram: “Happy Turkey Day from my little turkey”

Happy Turkey Day from my little turkey
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Japanese Department Store May Want to Look Up the Word ‘Fucking’

So, this literally has to be the best “fuckin'” sale ever, right?
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Twitter Video

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From the archives: ‘Eddie and Jobo’ asks Chicago what they’re thankful for

I laugh every time…yeeaahhhhhh!
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Historian Demolishes Idea The Quran Is More Violent Than Bible: Christians Have ‘Holy Amnesia’

This is gonna hurt a little, lunatics…
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Trump Declares He Would “Absolutely” Torture Refugees To Find ISIS “Trojan Horse”

If you’d even consider voting for this piece of garbage, you should unfriend me.
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