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NFL CHI Clubhouse – ESPN

Bears: TE Martellus Bennett (hamstring) and CB Kyle Fuller (hand/hip) probable for Sunday at Patriots (ESPN) http://bit.ly/1kS7T7G
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Peyton Manning Has Had It With The Broncos’ Scoreboard Operator

Dear Dumbass Bears Fans a Who Cheer And Scream While The Bears Are On Offense,

A Hall of Famer says you should shut up and be quiet. Is that enough?
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Jessica and her baby

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Making up stuff and getting people to laugh… #ThisIsAJob

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Video: Whites and Blacks Clash in St. Louis, “F* Y’all White Motherf**ers”

My favorite comment “Why do they all have a sense of entitlement? I didn’t do anything to the black race so I sure as hell don’t owe them nothing!!!”

Yeah, says the entitled white guy who’s family and generations before him have benefitted from people being treated like property.
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Check out how michaelwasz stacks up as a gamer on Raptr!

Playing Disney Infinity 2.0. http://bit.ly/1jYuONb
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Cutler: Marshall’s theatrics understandable

Bears: Jay Cutler understands Brandon Marshall’s frustration, says he’s talked to WR about incident (ESPN) http://bit.ly/12l5dYO
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