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Urlacher: Cutler an elite QB in salary only

Bears: Brian Urlacher sounds off after GM Phil Emery calls Jay Cutler elite because of his 59-52 record (ESPN) http://bit.ly/1FJ0i33
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Seriously…you’re considering watching Peyton Manning dismantle yet another foe instead of coming to this show? #priorities
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Check out how michaelwasz stacks up as a gamer on Raptr!

Played Disney Infinity 2.0 (360) in the last 24 hours. http://bit.ly/1iYtnh6
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Trestman: Bears’ locker-room rift behind them

Bears: Marc Trestman confident team has put locker room friction behind them (ESPN) http://bit.ly/1tddsRN
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Untappd 4th Anniversary

I just earned the ‘Untappd 4th Anniversary’ badge on @untappd! http://bit.ly/1thcBOV #ut4th
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Samuel Adams OctoberFest

Love! – Drinking a Samuel Adams OctoberFest by @SamuelAdamsBeer @ Studio 8 at Toe Pick Productions — http://bit.ly/1thcDq4
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The List Is In:: America’s Worst Colleges According To Washington Monthly Magazine | Loni Swain…

Suck it DeVry! Columbia is worse than you!!
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