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Harrison Ford Seriously Injured After Crash Landing a Small Plane on an L.A. Golf Course: Report

Did he have to get off his damn plane?
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Man burned by fajitas while praying can’t sue Applebee’s

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Back to the Future’s Clock Tower Scene, Remade With Lego | WIRED

This is awesome for the world.
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DOJ Finds Pervasive Racial Bias at Ferguson Police Department | Mother Jones

:: gasp ::
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NFL CHI Clubhouse – ESPN

Bears: At least 10 ex-coaches, including Lovie Smith, don’t think team can win with QB Jay Cutler – Michael C. Wri… http://bit.ly/1zDub1r
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Crowdfire – Grow on Instagram and Twitter

I have a rising follower graph! 2 more followers in the past week. Get your stats right here http://bit.ly/1w4Kbpq
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Way to go #TradeCentre http://bit.ly/1AQ9eSM — J-E (@JE_Iannicello) March 2, 2015


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