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4 Pro-Gun Arguments We’re Sick of Hearing

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Ben Carson: I Have No Idea How Gravity Works, But Climate Change Is A Hoax

Wow. A room full of stupid people clapping for someone who agrees with their shared stupidity.
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The Pope Hung Out With an Openly Gay Man the Day Before He Said “Hi” to Kim Davis

This idiot.
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Jonathan Byrd

Well said.
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Alabama sends message: We are too broke to care about right and wrong

U.S. Figure Skating should pull TOI Nationals from Alabama next year
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Ronald Reagan’s son describes his dad as ‘liberal’ on Bill Maher’s Real Time

For those of you who still worship “St. Ronnie”…you might want to sit down before you watch this…

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Not a Single HP Employee Reported Donating to Carly Fiorina’s Campaign

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