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Check out how michaelwasz stacks up as a gamer on Raptr!

Played Disney Infinity (360) in the last 24 hours. http://bit.ly/1iYtnh6
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Check out how michaelwasz stacks up as a gamer on Raptr!

Playing NHL 14. http://bit.ly/1iLhUiw
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Watch Colin Powell: Republicans ‘Demonize People Who Don’t Look Like the Way They’d Like’

So, I guess I was right about the hate mongering, racist GOP…I mean, if Colin Powell agrees with me, I must be right, right?
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Fox News decries movie designed explicitly to sell toys as “anti-business”

Hey Fox News, you know what Lego is doing here? It’s called Capitalism and Consumerism. The two VERY foundations your station seems to hold most dear! Now you’re going against YOUR OWN viewpoints?! What’s next…calling Obama-care a good idea?!

Fox News, Who Est Vous Crappin’?
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Ashley Wagner’s “Bullshit” Moment Is The First Meme Of The Sochi Games

Melissa Gade-Wasz
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Check out how michaelwasz stacks up as a gamer on Raptr!

Playing Disney Infinity. http://bit.ly/1iLhUiw
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Associates defend man who had gun in school – The Buffalo News

This is sad news, however even this “libtard” knows that you have to abide by the laws.

I applaud his work towards making schools safer, but just like drunk driving, you have to be responsible for your actions and if you aren’t you can no longer be called a “responsible gun owner.”

I’m sure those of you who are ardent haters of the President and anything “anti-gun” will post this story as a “See!? He’s just as bad as a person who actually shoots up a school!” but you are wrong.

No one died and he will face the consequences for his actions, unlike the cowards you continue to protect with your backwoods “pry my gun from my cold dead hands” attitudes.
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