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ALT🛂Immigration🇺🇸 on Twitter

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Holy hell, this gets better and better.
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Mike Pence responds to NFL protests with staged tantrum and photo from 2014

Again, the Commenters win the day. Bravo!
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Fragile Stooge Mike Pence Walks Out Of 49ers-Colts Because Of Anthem Demonstration

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Vice President Pence walks out of Colts game over 49ers’ national anthem protests

But he’ll gladly disrespect and disregard the Constitution at a moments’s notice.

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Former NFL player’s youth flag football league canceled for this year

But “football is under assault,” and even the flag version wasn’t immune from a growing negative portrayal of the sport, he said.

“Inherently, it’s a dangerous game — there’s no doubt about it,” Schwantz said.“

Yeah, those damn facts about it being dangerous are getting out. What’s bummer.

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Mason’s Dad on Twitter

Hot night tonight!! @ABC7Chicago http://bit.ly/2wGd1Uo
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