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Boy, I Sure Wonder Why the CDC Has Banned Staff From Using a Bunch of Words Like ‘Science-Based’

“In other words, the agency charged with protecting Americans from epidemics and safeguarding the health of the public must now formally avoid saying anything even slightly politically inconvenient to Republicans if it wants funding.” http://bit.ly/2kD3Csb via @gizmodo
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Bourbon County Brand Stout (2017)

Hello, friend… – Drinking a Bourbon County Brand Stout (2017) by @GooseIsland @ Studio 8 at Toe Pick Productions — http://bit.ly/2B21bKD #photo
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Heavy Weight (Level 6)

I just earned the ‘Heavy Weight (Level 6)’ badge on @untappd!
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Hoppy Hanukkah (2017)

I just earned the ‘Hoppy Hanukkah (2017)’ badge on @untappd!
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