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Amazon Prime users…I got 6 months of digital access to #WashingtonPost for free! Much better news source that your pals at or or any other dog whistle trash sites you are currently using.

Information. It’s important.
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Happy Anniversary, R Michael!

It’s hard to believe some days it only been 16 years and other days that’s its already been 16 years.

It’s been a fun, crazy, unpredictable and at sometimes terrifying ride and I’m thrilled to be doing it with you.

I love you today and forever.
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Mason Wasz Foundation

For those who have texted, called and asked…here’s how you can help commemorate Dookie Mase’s passing…

Special thanks to Susie Fox and the ladies at Material Girl for their assistance!
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He’s planning on making players stand for the anthem so you can abandon the NFL for this schlock garbage…

Enjoy, meatballs!
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Best Night Sky Events for Photographers and Videographers in 2018 – BorrowLenses Blog

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Proposed law would ban tackle football for kids under 12 in Illinois

Bravo! “Backers…point to research suggesting that repeated blows to the head — even those that don’t produce the symptoms of a concussion — could also be a cause of CTE, and that the risk is higher for those who began tackle football as young children.”

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