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Yahoo Sports

Bye Felicia…
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Apollo Theater

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Occupy Democrats

When a Fox “expert” is agreeing with the Left, you know someone’s getting fired at Faux News Channel…
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People are starting to realize the GOP tax bill was a massive scam

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IJR Blue

THIS! This guy’s moral compass is pointing in the right direction.

Not his selfish desire to own a gun. Not his belief in the 2nd Amendment.

His morals.

Kudos to this man and his desire to see that NO OTHER CHILD IS MURDERED because of his ability to own a weapon designed for killing.
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Deadmau5 – The Not So Chill Mix

I liked a @YouTube video Deadmau5 – The Not So Chill Mix
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Deadmau5 Chill Mix 2017 / 2018 Continuous Mix

I liked a @YouTube video Deadmau5 Chill Mix 2017 / 2018 Continuous Mix
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