Generation Z Coaching.pdf

Coaches (and parents) of kids in sports…read this.

As a Coach, it speaks to me differently than as a parent.

I try so hard to explain my thoughts and reasons to my players for doing certain things either in a game or a practice. I don’t send them out on the ice and say “go do it” then complain when they fail.

Kids need coaching. Good coaching. Coaching that also does what the title implies…coach. If you are just looking to assemble a group of kids who are already good you should be making them better, not settling and being content they are average. You’re a coach, not a babysitter.

Barking at kids and instilling fear rather than respect isn’t making kids better, either…it’s making them fearful of that type of coach.

It pains me to see older coaches who do thing the way they do because “it worked for me” or “it’s how I’ve always done it.”

Times have changed. Kids are different. Failure to adapt as a coach will lead to failure in whatever sport you coach.
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