Stop Using Pat Tillman

“So, remember Tillman as a brave man. Remember him as an athlete who gave up on a lucrative profession to make a sacrifice others would not. But to remember him this way without taking into account everything that happened after he went to the Middle East would be disingenuous. Don’t forget how he developed anti-war views, or how his legacy was manipulated by the powerful in order to stay in power and to keep feeding young men’s lives to the war machine. To bring Tillman into the national anthem kneeling debate as someone who would have reprimanded his teammates for protesting racial injustice (and not, as cynical commentators would have you think, the military) is to completely misunderstand who he was or what he believed in. Pat Tillman was exploited as propaganda from the moment he enlisted, and even more so after his death. Don’t let him be used today.”
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Competitive Adidas Unveils Darren Wilson As New Face Of Brand

Ah, the Onion.
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FACT CHECK: Did a U.S. Veteran Influence Kaepernick’s ‘Take a Knee’ Protest of Police Brutality?

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‘He would be the first to kneel’: Pat Tillman exploited to attack Kaepernick, biographer says

Huh. Isn’t that something…
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Nike makes Colin Kaepernick the face of its ‘Just Do It’ campaign

Bet you won’t throw your Nike stuff away, hypocrites…
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So…a butterfly has landed on Mel at the game twice. Guess we should have bought 4 tickets, huh? #Mason #unreal